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Young Activists are Recreating Movie Posters changing White Actors into Black Ones for Obvious Reasons

How often do we see Black Actors as the leading role in a movie? The answer would be, as many times as a Black individual had a true-incident story worth being filmed or written. Somehow, the film industry finds it easier to cast any white actor as the protagonist, while most black actors are being shadowed. We aren’t saying that black actors are far more talented than white actors, what we wanna enlighten is, it’s high time that the entertainment society considers black actors as a norm too. This is real life and not a movie, if it was a movie, I’d be a white American, is’t not?

Campaign groups Legally BlackandAdvocacy Academy worked together and managed to pull off a friendly cause by recreating famous movie posters with black actors. Well, you’re definitely lucky because you get to actually see them in posters.



It’s something I’ve never seen before and I’m sure you’d like it too. Harry Potter with the black cast.


Ever imagine what ‘Titanic’ would be like if Jack and Rose, the leading characters were played by Black actors?


Below the posters are written, “Join us on our mission for better black representation in the media”.


I’m totally in on this version of ‘Doctor Who’.