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20 Art Pieces That Shows The True Manipulation Of High Society And Modernism

Nowadays, artists who use their magnificent imagination and talent to illustrate modern society are the mainstream category that everybody seems to love. I wonder if this pieces even reaches the eyes of the big and the powerful who are ruling our countries because then it would mean something. Like a goal that is attained.

We have reached that point where creativity and the natural gift is used to show and teach people the real action happening behind closed curtains. I think its a very appealing and friendly way of telling our fellow humans of different parts of the world to see and listen to the details that haunt our future. Why don’t we do our part and help spread these illustrations, shall we? Enjoy!


1. Relationships consumed by the social status.



2. It’s all in the head and that’s where it ends.


3. Darth Vader walking down the aisle.

4. The never dying war between Apple and Android.