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Artist creates Fabulastic Comics after meeting his Long-Distance Girlfriend for the First Time

Long distance relationship is the hardest they say because of the obvious distance that makes it almost impossible for any relationship to last. If you think about it, when feelings and affection are genuine between two people I don’t think distance matters that much. It may be hard to miss the significant other all the time but where there is a will there is always a way.

For instance, Simone “Simz” Ferriero, Italian digital artist fell in love with a Toronto based girl named Krisi online on Twitch. Simone decided to take a step ahead in the relationship and booked an International flight ticket for Canada to meet Krisi for the first time on Dec 2017. He was nervous, happy and anxious at the same time, he illustrated all the beautiful moments of the journey on drawings and published it on Facebook album series called The first time we met. Have a look at his beautiful presentation below.


1. At Naples (Italy) Airport, the first step closer to her.



2. The plane takes off and he starts drawing.


3. The most common visual from an airplane, the wing through the window.

4. Flying across the Mountains of Alps.