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This Artist Portrays “What if Humans Get Replaced by Animals” In Petrifying Illustrations

As humans have been dominating this planet for a few hundred centuries, it’s quite evident that we barely care about the existence of other species on this planet. Whether it’s related to hunting, testing products on animals, or for any other purpose. We have always considered animals as another form of natural resource.

Hence, it’s quite enlightening for us to feel the pain that the other fellow species living on this planet experience whenever we mistreat them.

Barbara Daniels, an artist, found a perfect way to demonstrate to us what role reversal of animals and humans will be like through his illustrations. Let’s have a look.

Disclaimer: It’s bone-chilling.


1. Look a human performing at a circus.



2. Because you gotta do what’s needed to be done.


3. Harvesting baby humans like a pro.

4. Cutting human parts for the purpose of reselling.