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    15 Absurd Fails at Workplaces that Freaked Everyone Out

    Yes, I love my job, that’s what I tell myself every morning as I wake up. But I’d be lying if I said I didn’t want to be the President of America. The thing is, we aim for something big when it comes to careers, but we do have to start from scratch to get […]

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    24 Genius Life-Hacks that’ll Work Wonders to Fix Your Hectic Life

    For a person who likes to find ways to keep their things organized and in place, these life hacks are a basket full of blessings for you. Most people might think, ‘Why consume┬ámy energy in such petty things?”. Some of us like to do things in order and even go the extra mile so that […]

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    16 Cold Facts that’ll Feed your Curiosity Today

    If you’re a person who likes to research facts and news about the weirdest and unique stories I think we have a place for you here. It is not every day┬áthat we get to learn new information about things that happened in the past and millions of people failed to see or notice them. Some […]