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    25 People Who Can’t Be Luckier Than This

    Luck is not the word I use frequently, maybe because it doesn’t favor me much. But some people are blessed with such miracles in dreadful situations and makes you think, “Gosh, they are pretty darn lucky!” Sometimes it can be with life-threatening accidents which somehow they manage to skip through and thank the Almighty, also it […]

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    16 Instances where People proved to Be True Examples of Genius

    If you are searching for geniuses in your university and school textbooks, those will only provide you with limited numbers. If you wanna see some real geniuses, living, breathing, and existing in the same year as you are now, welcome home buddy! You found your den! What we all need to start believing is that every […]

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    16 Bright People who did Things So Efficiently You’ll Be Impressed

    The graph of a human’s basic intelligence increases from very dumb to an averagely working brain to a highly clever brain and, yes, there are a lot of points in between just like the decimals in numbers. So, we get many stages like smart&quiet, smart&loud, clever&confident, clever&cocky, etc. And today’s special recipe is Clever&Cocky because we […]

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    This Guy Reveals how to Travel across the USA with Just $186

    In this modern world with great technological advancements, traveling by train sounds like an old way of doing things. People prefer traveling by air over trains. There surely are some plus points of traveling by air. However, one cannot undermine the scenic beauty one experiences on the train. For example, the route from San Francisco […]