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    16 Everyday Things And Their Uses You Had No Clue About

    Only an irrationally curious person would actually ponder over the things we are going to talk about. There are many everyday things we use all the time which have tiny bumps, holes or demarcations which serve a major purpose – but we never thought much about it. Knowing these little things can come in pretty […]

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    20 Weird But Amazing Beauty Hacks That You Should Try Right Now

    Beauty hacks are an everyday thing you hear about often – by word of mouth, from your parents or grandparents and more commonly, online. But amidst the horde of readily available hacks and tips, what’s genuine and what’s not is a difficult guess. Instead of going through an extensive trial and error process, it’s way […]

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    15 DIY Clothing Hacks That You Wish You Knew Earlier

    Bored of wearing the same clothes? Do not have enough budget to buy new designer clothes or don’t want to give away the old ones? Try these DIY no sew hacks to give your wardrobe a changeover or fix a wardrobe malfunction. These hacks are not just fixes but beautiful designs that will amaze both […]

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    Try Out This DIY For Hacking Your Phone Charger

    Spending money on expensive things you can rather buy at cheaper rates is like throwing away your cash in the trash. Let’s just say that when you can get stuff almost free (almost) it’s better to be a DIY pro.Now, talking about wireless phone chargers, they cost you a bit of money, burning a tiny […]

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    47 Things You Have Been Doing Wrong Your Entire Life!

    You know when your parents told you to switch the TV off because the standby mode consumes electricity? Guess what? The idea is wrong. Standby mode is a sleep mode (just like a polar bear) and it doesn’t increase your electricity bill, Pffh! Now you have a reason to be LAZY. Sit back and go […]