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    15 Images That Chucked The Brain Real Good

    We all have those teeny tiny sensitive points on your body where it tickles the most. Those points are to be kept hidden from the siblings and friends when you are a kid. Well, if they know where those points are nobody can save you. While underarms and tummy are often prone to most of […]

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    20 Things That Lost Their Purpose

    Everything around us has a purpose. It’s also true that nothing is perfect. But if a particular object or a thing loses its very purpose, it’s nothing more than a useless trash. Some people think so much out of the box when it comes to design and innovation that their creativity renders things to be anything […]

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    15 Employees Who Utilized Boredom For Good

    People spend most of their time at work. After a while work does become boring. To get rid of this boredom, people adopt different ways. Some spend time with their colleagues, gossiping while others do some creative stuff. But the “stuff” that these people did was rather crazy and would totally wow you. These guys […]

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    What Would Famous Sitcoms Be Like In Reality?

    Sitcoms are an inevitable part of our daily entertainment dose and while everyone might have a different favorite, somewhere deep down we all relate to some or the other character in these sitcoms. There is something incorrigibly appealing about these shows that get us hooked on to them and cause guilty hours of binge-watching pleasure. […]

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    Laugh Or Cry At These Little Messy Monsters? Decide for yourself!

    “My child is not at all messy” – said no parent ever. Parents allow free-play time for every child – this seems beneficial for both. While the parents get some time off their hands from the 24×7 vigilance of their young ones, the kids too get their own free time to take things into their own […]

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    Hilarious Dad Logics that will make you Laugh Hard!

    Dad is my ‘hero’, well in his own unique way.. But how does dad’s logic work? Or is there any logic at all? So dad’s are smart, responsible, gentlemen.. But are dad’s also very funny… and to add to the list ‘hilarious’? Let’s check out.. 1) Halloween doesn’t need to be just on one particular […]