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18 Celebrities who Managed to Dodge The Paparazzi Like A Boss

We all envy our celebrity crushes, don’t we? The life they live, the huge mansion, the private jets, the clothing, etc. We just adore and worship their lifestyle so much that we forget to realize that they are human too. Just as human as all of us, flawed and real. And hold on to that thought of thinking because it comes with a big price that they’ve had enough of paying.

You guessed it right, being followed around by the paparazzi everywhere, they can’t have a normal life anymore. I actually pity them that they can’t have any privacy when they step out of their houses, it’s insane. While some celebs try to act poise and normal some of them are just tired of being clicked and they just act out. Sometimes in anger, and most of the time with funny humorous actions. Keep scrolling down you’ll see what I mean.



1. Lead singer of Maroon 5, Adam Levine.

This is actually helping.


2. Alec Baldwin.


Yeah, he is definitely choosing the ghost life.


3. Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield.

This is the greatest idea ever, the sign reads, 

“We just found out that there are paparazzi outside the restaurant we were eating in. so, why not take this opportunity to bring attention to organizations that need and deserve it? www.wwo.org http://www.gildasclubnyc.org/ Have a great day!”

Tom Meinelt / Splash News

4. Anne Hathaway and her husband Adam Schulman were inspired by Emma and Andrew. 

The sign reads,

“Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield had a great idea! Please check out www.girleffect.org, www.feedingamerica.org, www.worldofchildren.org. Happy 4th of July!!!”

Splash News