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16 Charts For Anyone Who Has Suffered Through Periods

It’s already hard being a woman. Gotta dress up for nothing because mood says so. And then add a pinch of period cramps- you have a monster in making. It’s hard, very hard to be a woman on her cycle. You just cannot handle the annoying existence of other humans around you. The way they eat, talk or breathe triggers something primal inside you.

The ‘Dexter’ becomes a full-force of nature and you finally understand his logic behind killing people. Dragging a few on your list through mud and on a plastic sheet seems like a very tempting idea. But you control. Why? Well, you be so nice, that’s why.

I know this is a random piece of rambling but what are you expecting from a woman on her periods? As for me, I am expecting a chocolate cake. Yum.

And as for you, you scroll through this gallery and see if you can relate to these charts.


1. So this is why the constant wetness is there.




2. Because spotting is a ritual which cannot be broken.


3. I am crying as I write this because that chocolate cake hasn’t arrived yet.

4. No sneezing for next 5 days. Fingers crossed.