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16 Complete Strangers Having Their “OMG” Moment When They Come Across Their Lookalikes

How will you react if you ever come across your doppelganger? Well, while some people might be caught by surprise or react in their own crazy way, there are some who cannot even imagine such a thing happening to them.

Today we have, with us some amazing people who met their look-alikes and trust me they had one hell of an experience which quite evident from their pics.

1. A strange encounter on an Airplane.

via boredpanda

He met his doppelganger on a plane. Well, the guy sitting behind them seems more excited. From checking into the same hotel to having a beer, they did everything together.


2. Can you believe what you are seeing?

via twitter

I have “Meeting my doppelganger” next up on my bucket list.


3. Her cousin’s Husband’s sister.

via Ayoye

This surely cannot be a coincidence. Mirror image. Now, this is perfection. Creation at its best.

4. One hell of a weakened.

via Reddit

Now, this is too overwhelming. Even the specs found their doppelgangers. The weekend spent right.