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Comedian Live-Tweets His Neighbor’s Dramatic Break-Up On His Roof

Breakups these days can happen anywhere, people don’t care anymore about the impression others might have towards them, it’s a free country, that is all we can say. To see a couple breaking up in a cafe, club, street, etc. It’s not a new thing anymore. Sometimes we might feel like, they should’ve probably kept this matter private and not make it public but you can’t actually blame them either. I mean who would want a public embarrassment.

At the same time, who doesn’t want some drama in their boring day, right? You might have heard the name Kyle Ayers, he is a comedian, writer, actor, from Kansas City, Missouri but now lives in L.A. and New York. Kyle stumbled upon a couple breaking up on his roof in Brooklyn, he shared the whole situation with the world on Twitter with #roofbreakup. The thread got over 10 million views and became an internet sensation worldwide.

Here are the tweets, they are worthy of a dramatic love-tragic movie.


1. He sees, he listens, and he tweets.



2. What the heck is right below marriage? Engagement?


3. I’m sensing, they are judging him.

4. Okay, now she is making a move here, indirectly though!