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This Couple Outsmarts Typical Pre-Wedding Photoshoot By Converting Into Totally Adorable Movie Characters

Getting engaged is surely a big deal for any couple. You are tied with the one you love in ways never imagined before. Your heart is filled with joy and the rest of you eagerly anticipates the day you both will be tied in the bond of marriage but before that happens you get to have so many amazing photoshoots.

There are ‘n’ numbers of themes you can choose for your engagement photo-shoot and then, there is the couple- Jackie Nguyen and Nate Huntley who did the photo-shoot in a unique style and nailed it completely. They met in a production workshop 4 years ago, hitting it from there. Hence, they decided to go down the memory lane. Hence, they go into so many characters, you’d be half amazed and half in love with them.

Jackie Nguyen and Nate Huntley

“My fiancé and I are extremely outside of the box, and felt like traditional photos wouldn’t encompass the fun or adventure we like to have,” said Nguyen. The couple transformed into 11 different movies and TV characters. Although the costumes they used weren’t the best in the lot, they somehow managed to pull them off. Looking absolutely adorable while they were at it.

# Look at how perfect they look in the Jurassic World.



 # Back to the Future.

They are looking so cute together.