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Cop throws A Customer out of McDonald’s for Buying a Homeless Man Food to Eat inside (Video)

The Internet is a very powerful tool to bring light to situations and actions which otherwise have lacked any form of consequences in the past. We have already heard about the black man who was accused of stealing his own jacket by Old Navy employees. There were plenty of dissimilar yet equally unbelievable cases involving all sorts of ‘ists’.

In this one though, a man named Yossi Gallo displaying an act of kindness pays for a homeless man’s meal at McDonald’s. The events which take place next are equally disconcerting and unacceptable.

The staff at McDonald’s asks the homeless man to leave the restaurant. When Gallo tried to explain the situation to them, they called the police and both of them were told to leave.


Staff at the McDonald’s franchise at Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, asks Yossi Gallo and the homeless man to leave not long after Gallo purchases his food.



In the clip, you can see an angry Gallo talking with the cops and the management. Soon, he started recording the events.


Gallo and the man, eventually, has to leave the restaurant without finishing his meal and then, he takes the homeless man to some other place for a meal.

Soon the video went viral, garnering around 40 million views.