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18 Engrossing Facts about ‘Breaking Bad’ that You wouldn’t have Known

Breaking Bad is undeniably one of the most legendary TV shows of our times. It’s witty, it’s dark, and a hell lot of fun. And, of course, we all have gotten a crash course in chemistry, surely none of us saw this coming.

To keep you hooked with your favorite TV show, we thought of digging up some hidden facts about the show. In the most likely hood, you won’t have heard about any of these facts. From Bryan actually crying after filming a scene to slating out Jesse Pinkman’s character in season 1 of the show. These and many more interesting facts await you. So, without further delay, take a look these 18 truly fascinating facts.


1. To be honest, nobody could have played better than Bryan.



2. Well, we all can be delicate at times.


3. The two who took the show to the heights it did reach.

4. A wise decision actually.