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15 Absurd Fails at Workplaces that Freaked Everyone Out

Yes, I love my job, that’s what I tell myself every morning as I wake up. But I’d be lying if I said I didn’t want to be the President of America. The thing is, we aim for something big when it comes to careers, but we do have to start from scratch to get where we want to. Kudos to those who enjoy and love their job. But for those who don’t, it’s high time you make the leap and chase what you love doing.

Often, this positive mindset that is directly proportional to the jobs and profession we have are not perpendicular. So, in these cases, employees tend to lack enthusiasm and the trail of mischief and accidents follows. Our body energy just knows it and makes us do things that lead to minor hazards and, of course, are fun too. Here are some of those instances.



1. He just threw in a brick, doesn’t care at all.

It’s gonna take some time to fit in.

Fixed the floor boss from NotMyJob

2. Pretty accurate if you think about it.


First, eBay then you visit the dumpster, get it?

It’s been like this for 2 days from NotMyJob

3. This man will be good at juggling.

It’s pure talent.


4. Whoever made this is a big fan of goat feet.

Tell me you see it too.

What are THOSE from CrappyDesign