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20 Ridiculously Funny Renaissance Memes About What Dating Is Like

Marking the beginning of The Modern Age in Europe, The Renaissance was a period from 14th – 17th century that became the cultural and heritage bridge between the Middle Ages and the Modern History. During this period the literature, art and new innovations flourished across Europe with the development of contemporary educational reforms, diplomacy, and Humanism.

Well, all that is bookish knowledge but have you ever wondered how the relationships between men and women of those ages were? We get a lot of ideas from novels and movies based on them but imagine how the dating system would be like. To give you an insight into it, here are some paintings with funny memes on them that totally explains the scene on the Renaissance Art.

If you are that person who likes to imagine a story whenever you see a painting from history, trust me you’re going to love these memes.


1. Very true indeed, nothing lasts forever.



2. Still alone and loving the bed all to myself.


3. Imagine if you could flush people away that easily, it’d be awesome!

4. No matter how drunk a man is, they always love their ladies being beautiful.