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These Girls Exchanged Naked Photos For A Puppy and Twitteraties Are Rolling Over

If you are a woman, you’d know all too well when I talk about random guys sliding into your DM. Most often either they want to be your best friend or see you noods. And you most often, deny them of the privilege. However, it can be a very lucrative deal, you might go for it.

Okay, maybe not. But you will be forced to change your mind if a husky is involved. After all, it’s a husky. Well, at least, you can follow the lead of these stunning women who grasped the situation, took advantage of it and now they are owners of an adorable husky.


Before jumping to the story, let’s have a look at this random Rihanna gif rolling about all the money.


A twitter user literally broke the internet when she shared with the fellow internet users how they exchanged nudes for a beautiful husky.


The conversation began when a guy asked one of the roommates for nudes for a husky.

Her friends agreed that the deal is quite nice.

Fortunately, the friend has nudes of someone else to send.