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14 Funny Illustrations That Sums Up The Vile Effortless Comfort Of A Relationship

What happens when all the initial stage of a relationship fades away? You know, the pampering, lovey-dovey affection for each other. Like, when you put your partner before yourself and go to all the lengths to woo them and gain their attention. This doesn’t last long, not in a bad way though.

Once you get comfortable with your significant other in a secure relationship, that’s when the true colors start to show. It doesn’t mean the love and caring are gone, in fact, it’s the opposite because you know that they’ll always love you no matter what. Now you start fighting over that last piece of sushi while having dinner together which you always used to sacrifice before. It’s rather a natural instinct.

Below, are some comic compilations of funny and true moments that capture the level of comfort in a relationship. Enjoy!


1. The notorious farts that are impossible to ignore.



2. First, it starts with the hoodie and now you raid his whole wardrobe.


3. Trust me, women have a thing for pimples, we all do!

4. They do this and will complain later of for the arm ache.