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18 Insights on Marvel’s Visual Team who Designed The Superheroes & Villains

12. The artists come up with several ideas of the characters even for the first screening.



“When we get working on a movie, we’ll meet with the directors and producers and there may or may not be a script or an outline, and they’ll give us a general notion of what they’re thinking for the character. And then we’ll take their references mentioned and we’ll look at those and see if anything inspires us.”


13. They always try to keep the characters and their costumes as genuine as possible.


“We don’t try to change the look at all, we try to keep it as close to the comic book as possible while putting our own design flair into it.”

Courtesy of Anthony Francisco / Marvel Studios

14. Inspiration can be taken from anywhere, even from a living person.

Francisco was the one to design baby Groot and he got inspired by his own son.


15. Even the artists get a say in adding their creativity in the movies.


“The task was to show ‘everyday magic’ and how do we relate that to the viewer? So, I thought of Dr. Strange eating an apple — just by showing different stages of the apple being eaten to show the audience that he’s manipulating time.”

Marvel Studios