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18 Insights on Marvel’s Visual Team who Designed The Superheroes & Villains

16. Apart from the Marvel visual team, freelancers are also given a chance to work in this process.


This art piece of Killmonger was made by  Karla Ortiz.

Continuing the #BlackPanther art drop! For the next couple days (except weekends, I like to take breaks <3) I'll be sharing some of my concepts for Erik #Killmonger BRILLIANTLY played by @michaelbjordan . Killmonger was so interesting to work with. The design had to be powerful and rooted in reality. Erik has extensive military experience, but still desired to showcase where he was from with his armor. Some of the designs I made included symbols he painted with his hands, bones he acquired from his hunts, relics from Wakanda. These elements juxtaposed alongside military gear created a very unique look to him. The wonderful final look was created by @rodneyimages ! It was so interesting, we worked on the same character without knowing it, and came up with some very similar design choices! Anyway, I am in love with this villain. You wish to see him rise and be triumphant, as he has dealt with some extremely harsh realities from our society… but his pain can NEVER excuse the harm and deaths he has brought upon SO many. An understandably tormented yet inexcusably psychotic villain indeed! #blackpanther #blackpanthersolit #wakanda #killmonger #michaelbjordan #conceptart #painting #art #marvel #marvelcinematicuniverse

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17. The artists will be asked to work on multiple projects soon according to the production house.


“We are either working on character designs or keyframe illustrations to offer the film’s director and executives options.”

Courtesy of Jackson Sze (Top), Rodney Fuentebella (Bottom) / Marvel Studios

18. The designers also make it possible for certain moods of the scenes to be relatable.

Courtesy of Jackson Sze / Marvel Studios
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