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21 Moms Share their Beautiful Stories After Giving Birth, and It’s Enlivening

Most of us can’t look flawless like Kate Middleton just hours after labor and that’s absolutely fine. To celebrate the magnificence of a woman just after labor, new moms from across the world took to the internet. They shared their heart-warming stories and pictures just after giving birth to their little one.

These tiny tales range from funny ones to lovely emotional ones. So, get ready to read these honest stories by new mommas and the raw but absolutely stunning pictures that they have sent along with the stories.

Your heart is about to drown in the true essence of love that each one of these mom shares so beautifully.

1. An emotional mommy with her little darling.



2. A happy mom of two adorable munchkins.


3. “I was unable to sit up, disoriented from the pain meds, and overwhelmed with so many emotions”.

4. “This was taken about six hours after delivering my twins via C-section. I was flown away from my boys to another hospital after severe complications from 90% blood loss and almost losing my uterus and my life. I met my boys three days later. If anyone still thinks a cesarean is the ‘easy way out’ think again. Nothing was easy about this. I am currently four months postpartum and I’m still recovering”.