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21 Moms Share their Beautiful Stories After Giving Birth, and It’s Enlivening

17. “This was 24 hours after giving birth vaginally to my nine-pound daughter AND after a shower in my hospital room. I was still puffy, bleeding heavily, and looking about six months pregnant”.



18. A gorgeous happy mom and an adorable sleepy baby.


19. “This was a few hours after giving birth”.

20. “Me after 72 hours of induced labor and nine months hyperemesis gravidarum (non-stop morning sickness). I demanded a California burrito as a push present. Because I could finally eat again”.

21. “The most emotional moment of my life was the first time I held my son. I hadn’t slept for two days, hadn’t eaten in 23 hours, and couldn’t have been happier”.

(Source: Buzzfeed)