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18 People Who Tried Their Best And Failed Even Better

Some People simply make you sigh. Maybe it is due to the reason that their brain cells are incompetent when it comes to coordination or for the fact that they do not want to try, the result is all but same.

There are people in this compilation who tried too hard to tear a poster apart in front of a camera that it led to their ultimate embarrassment and then there are some who didn’t try at all. While both are the kind which makes us cringe, they are also the ones who make us laugh our hearts out.



1. Can we not think about how much mess this is going to make?

Okay, well, we cannot stop ourselves from doing it.

And they got what they have been expecting for a long time.


2. A guy thought Christina Aguilera is a man and we cannot cope.


3. The title could not have been better than that. No matter how hard someone tried.



4. That’s a kind of news we didn’t expect seeing. Like ever.