25 People Who Can’t Be Luckier Than This

Luck is not the word I use frequently, maybe because it doesn’t favor me much. But some people are blessed with such miracles in dreadful situations and makes you think, “Gosh, they are pretty darn lucky!” Sometimes it can be with life-threatening accidents which somehow they manage to skip through and thank the Almighty, also it can be silly but useful lucks that just comes their way.

The funny thing about it is that luck favors us in the most unexpected way and that’s the beauty of it all. To never know what may happen but somehow to survive or gain a precious treat. Here are some people who miraculously survived nasty accidents by luck and some who just get an extra bonus.



1.  A shark left her rather interesting mark.

2. You don’t get to see a twin banana every day.


3. Imagine getting that sheet on the day of the test.


4. The nail perfectly missed his toes.