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This Photoshoot Inside A Small Hobby Lobby Gaining Massive Popularity Over Internet

A recent trend started by the famous photographer Jenna Martin seems to have inspired many to go on a similar board. Adam Delane, a Cincinnati-based photographer, decided to do a photo session in an ordinary Hobby Lobby craft store rather than some fancy scenic place!

‘If I told you these were shot INSIDE Hobby Lobby would you believe me?’ says Adam.

And to the surprise of many on social media, including his friends and family, the results were extraordinarily stunning. The Photos have been going viral on the internet with more than 269K shares!

Below are behind-the-scenes photos of the shoot, followed by the resultant portrait…and of course, in Delane’s own words!

1. ‘These photos have touched just about every corner of the earth.’



2. “That night when I told Aissatou Thiam, Līque Angel, Love Sonja, and Sahara Jazz that these pictures would go viral, I had NO idea it would be THIS viral.”


3. ‘I stayed up until 4 am…looking at shares and replying to HUNDREDS of inboxes.’