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Plus-Sized Comedian Shuts Cancer Ad Company For Promoting Obesity As The Biggest Cause Of Cancer After Smoking

Do you ever sense that maybe the world has gotten quite sensitive and that people nowadays find it easier to transfer their emotions more abruptly? People have started to speak up and put it out on the world with social issues that were just a sly before.

Appearance has always been a matter that exceeded most natural qualities, making it an issue disturbing the lives of many. Body-shaming or fat-shaming is a serious social issue that needs to be rectified in all grounds of society. UK based comedian Sofie Hagen saw an ad and analyzed it to be offensive in terms of criticizing obesity matter and she took it to Twitter to fight against it.


Here is the ad by The Cancer Research UK promptly making an indirect statement saying, “Guess what is the biggest preventable cause of cancer after smoking”. 

The advertisement is indirectly promoting obesity as the second biggest cause of cancer after smoking. Hagen finds it offensive in a way that obesity is being ridiculed as a shameful act like that of smoking that causes cancer and kills. While obesity is not always because of the food we consume, most of the time it is also due to medical reasons or hereditary. Not everybody has the same strands of DNA’s so plastering and accusing Obesity of a cancer trigger will discourage people more.

We can see the terror and anger in her words in this twitter post.


Hegan herself is a plus-sized comedian based in UK and Denmark who has no problem whatsoever with how she looks. Her size has never been an issue in her life, but sadly it is the surrounding we live in that makes us conscious of how we look. She got immensely offended by the fact that the ad company treated obesity as a problem or an addictive bad habit just like that of smoking a cigarette.

She definitely does love her body, she posted this picture on Instagram with the caption, “Oh hey just a reminder that my stomach is cute and hot and fat and lovely”. 


The ad company was quick to come up with a strong reply stating scientific facts and it’s importance.