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Female Prison Officer Exposed And Sacked For Sexual Crime With An inmate

A person who commits a sexual crime is a sex offender. Any kind of sexual imposition like sending or receiving obscene content in the form of SMS text messages is a violation of the law. And to an extent, behaving badly in a highly restrain area is a no-go, especially breaking strick prison rules by a warder. A female prison officer of HMP service was exposed by The Sun for having an inappropriate physical relationship with one of the prison’s inmate.


Faron Selvage a 22-year-old prison officer has been sacked for inappropriate behavior.


This young girl had an alleged fling with one of the inmates named Sydnee Offord a 29-year-old who later claims to the incident of the jailer’s secret trysts and misconduct.


Sydnee shares the moments she spent with Faron in details.

The 29-year-old first realized that the female officer was interested in her when she frequently visited her C-wing cell. And often she would send her letters and chocolates to woo her. In her own words, “On one visit she asked for a hug and I kissed her. She said she liked my b**bs. The next time we kissed more passionately. It happened virtually every time she came to my cell. We’d fondle b**bs and run our hands up each others’ legs and bums.”

She also adds,“Faron’s extremely pretty. One day I was sitting on my bed and she blurted out ‘I’ve never felt anything like this towards a woman before’.”


Sydnee also confesses that they did have sex while they were in the prison cell.

She says, “It was clear Faron wanted full sex. When we hooked up it gave me a thrill because of the danger. But I held back because I knew we were on thin ice. I told her she could be jailed but she didn’t care.”

After Sydnee was released from the prison this is the first selfie the officer sent her.