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Single Dad Tips A Waitress $100 On A $26 Bill For A Very Emotional Reason

When things don’t turn out the way we plan it’s not the end of the world yet. Change can bring all sorts of misery and happiness at the same time. Like they say, “Whatever happens, it happens for a reason”. Everybody in this world has a problem or another no matter how creamy their life is. It’s the ability to rise and move on that makes a man wiser and stronger.

You may also think that some people get buried with burdens and never are the same, or you know they just become bitter. But that’s not true in the case Sean Whalen. His story is one of a kind that many people will relate to and get inspired by.

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Sean Whalen is an author, motivational coach and a single dad to three kids.


At a very young age, Sean was exposed to the crippling marriage of his parents. He and his younger brother soon became kids of divorced parents. It is a grey area that every child who goes through the same situation can never forget or have a hard time move on with. Sean explains, the day when his parents had a terrible fight and his mum took both the kids to a nearby hotel to spend the night away to cool it off. But the next morning, his father had new locks installed in their house and that was the end of everything, the story how the family broke apart.

Sean Whalen/ Facebook

Life ain’t always about the good parts because then it’ll just be like a movie.

There is no way to explain how difficult it must’ve been for Sean’s mother to take care of the family on her own. She worked very hard to raise her sons and went through many hardships for it. And now Sean is a grown man, raising 3 kids on his own. Now, he not only understands what his mother went through but also appreciates her kindness and determination that she showered on him and his brother.

You’ll find what you want if you look hard enough. . Anger. . Pain. . Love. . Joy. . These 3 humans are a large portion of my WHY. . My dad wasn’t around for me, and his dad wasn’t around for him. . I chose years ago to break the tradition of deadbeat dads in my family, and to make these 3 humans my priority. . My dad always told me stuff. . But he never lived it himself. . He’d tell us to be chivalrous but treat my mom like shit. . He’d tell us to dream big but he never took a chance. . I have 2 options as a father. . 1. TALK SHIT. . 2. DO SHIT. . My kids won’t remember much of what I tell them, but I’m positive they will remember much of what I show them. . I can find lots of bad in the world. . But when I look these humans beautiful faces I only see light. . @infinityphotorob this image is more than iconic to me brother. THANK YOU for capturing this. . #family #love #children #leadership #father #son #daughter #smile #happy #fashion #style #classy #instafashion #instagood

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The father of three shared an incident that he witnessed with his youngest son on Facebook and its the most beautiful thing to read.

He took out his son to grab a bite at their favorite Chinese restaurant and there they met this waitress who was serving them. The three of them started having normal conversations and got along well. On the course of small talks, he later learns that the woman was also a single mother trying hard to make ends meet. This tore the heart out of Sean as it reminded of her mom. He knew he can’t do much to help her but he tipped the lady with 100 bucks on their $26 bill.