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This Stranger’s random act of Kindness towards a Single Mom will Melt your Heart

With everything negative happening around the world, every once of humanity and kindness should be celebrated. This world needs more and more people who are willing to extend a helping hand to others even when they don’t need it.

Bringing a smile to a stranger’s face can be everything at times. You’d never know what change your one simple act can bring to others’ lives.

This is a beautiful story about how a single mother shares that she never had a baby shower and then a complete stranger sends gifts for her little kiddo.

A few weeks ago sweetasmaple replied to a post about baby showers and @flutterbyblue responded to her asking her if she can send her some critter(stuffed toys) which are handmade.


Her prayers were met by a Santa looking for no occasion or festivities to deliver.

Such episodes of random kindness, love spreads goodness and draw support from all corners.


These toys demonstrate unconditioned love, unbound love towards fellow brothers and sisters.