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16 Creative Ways to Use Coca-Cola for Fixing annoying Everyday Problems

With over 1.8 billion consumption every day and sold to over 200 countries worldwide, Coca-Cola is Ranked by Interbrand as the world’s fourth most valuable brand after Apple, Google, and Microsoft (2017). This carbonated soft-drink was first invented during the 19th century and since then it’s growth in popularity is dominating the world of the soft-drink market throughout the 20th century.


Apart from being the favorite soft drink of most people around the world, this drink has gained much interest in other categories too. The internet is filled with what Coke can do and how it can help us with our everyday life.

Here are the 10 different ways on how Coke can be used:



1. To remove gum when it sticks to the hair.

Rather than to chop off the chunk of hair apply coke on the area and let it sit. The gum will get stiff and will easily come off.


2. To cleanse out old coins.


Dip the coins in coke and let it stay there for a while, the coke will do it’s magic and the coins will be shining as good as new.


3. To loosen up old screws.

Old screws are not usable once they get old and rusty as it gets tight, so by cleaning them with coke they will be back to their new self.


4. It also helps in mosquito bites.

By applying coke on the mosquito bitten areas, it can reduce down the itchiness.