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This Woman Pranks Her Roommate By Turning Her Bedroom Into A Hilarious Museum

Messing with the roommates when they are on a vacation is one of the interesting clauses ‘Sheldon Cooper’ managed to pull off when he was living with Leonard. Okay, that may not have been the exact words in the agreement or there is a possibility of that clause not at all being true. But that my friends, is just a minor detail. We gotta look at the bigger picture.

Making our roommates regret the day they decided to live with us is what we all crave for. However, only a few lucky ones get the chance to actually accomplish this. The person in this article was amongst them. The trick she had up their sleeves will convince you to bow down in front of her.

Here comes the prank goals, everyone.

Ellen Huet turned her roommates’ entire room into a museum. Brilliant.



What you are looking at people is US currency. Very rare.

No historians, indeed.


All hail Ellen for coming with such a masterpiece of a prank. Her brain cells must be working on overtime to come up with this entire sketch.

Two of her ten roommates went on a vacation and the rest of the crew decided to play a prank on them.


Then, they went on armed with a house laminator to create a fake museum showcasing the items in the room as if they are discovered by a future anthropologist…